Tipy, co nikdy nedělat v posteli a co naopak probrat, než do ní skočíte

Tips on what never to do in bed and what to discuss before jumping in

Uncertainty stems from unpreparedness. Difficult on the training ground, easy on the battlefield is simply true in bed. If you have stage fright, if the stress is turning your stomach, if you're feeling uncomfortable despite the great news that the night has come when you and your new partner will hop into bed and make love for the first time, you need to go back to the training ground and get ready. You'll find that with a loaded experience, you'll automatically be much more relaxed. Today we'll talk about what never to do in bed and what to discuss with your partner before you have sex for the first time.
Vlastnosti, které ženy na mužích nesnášejí. Neodraďte je těmito chybami!

Traits that women hate in men. Do not discourage them with these mistakes!

Do you notice that sometimes we don't understand women and they don't understand us? The clash of masculine and feminine principles happens in relationships, at work and at social events. In short, it's not uncommon for each gender to think and act a little differently. By rational explanations you will drive a woman to absolute boredom and she in turn will tire you out with emotional narratives. But there are far worse things you can do to a woman that will literally piss her off, so that next time she won't even forgive you for the boring explanations she would otherwise have chewed over and tolerated, just as many women do, appreciating men for quite different qualities. In this article, however, we reveal a completely different spectrum - namely, the qualities and habits that you should definitely always avoid in front of a woman.
Proměna z Muže v podpantofláka. Jak se plíživému procesu vyhnout?

The transformation from Man to sub-pantophile. How to avoid the creeping process?

If there's one thing that can creep into your life in a very insidious way in proportion to your age or long relationship, it's the sub-pantophilia syndrome. Relationship experts commonly refer to this as the alpha male turning into a beta - beta syndrome. What do you mean by that? Is it a deadly disease for your relationships and intimate life? And how do you know if you're already suffering from it?
Jak poznat, že vás chce? Signály, kterými prozradí, že touží flirtovat

How do you know he wants you? Signals to tell he's eager to flirt

It's summer - the best time to get acquainted. Outdoor festivals, parties, swimming pool bars, active holidays and leisure time all lend themselves to contacts with new women. Are you one of those who manage to grab the opportunity by the scruff of the neck or are you a bit reluctant and feeling insecure but at the same time eager? Can you recognize the signals when a woman wants you, when she's interested in having fun or even doing something more adventurous that evening? Conversely, can you read between the lines when it's a futile effort? Come learn how to easily recognize the flirting signals a woman is saying: Pick me up!
Jak z bodu mrazu nakopnout intimní život na novou úroveň

How to kick your intimate life to the next level from the freezing point

All of us at some point come to the point where we realize that our intimate life is experiencing clinical death and is at the freezing point. It's just a normal progression, life isn't always all rosy. Breakups, relationship crises, problems in the family or at work - all of these are real, can happen and completely affect your life "drive". How to strengthen yourself and relationships? Try it just through better sex! But how to do it? Find out all the essentials in the following tips.
Vyplatí se meditace a práce s myšlenkami i pro milostný život?

Is meditation and thought work also worthwhile for love life?

If you can't buy something, it's the experiences that gradually shape your life. You don't even have to be an expert in spirituality to see that experience is preceded by thought and work. Thoughts, that and fantasies, are a big part of a satisfying love life. Is meditation the easiest way to control the mind to your advantage? Is it worth investing time in? And what are the types of meditation and how much time does it actually take?


Self-confidence, decisiveness, sense of humour, perceptiveness - some of the most important pillars to be attractive to a woman without necessarily needing the face of an adored movie actor and the physique of a fitness model. There are perhaps thousands of pages written about these qualities. Are you working on them too, but still not quite able to step out of your shadow, your old self? Maybe you're forgetting some of the details, the little things that make you more attractive to women. After all, such a little thing can eventually become a trump card up your sleeve.


How to show your partner that you really love her deeply? Chocolate or wine for the lovers' holiday? Forget about the thousands of gifts and show that Valentine's Day, instead of boring commercialism, is an opportunity to throw away the stereotype and show your partner what imagination you have. Here's a roundup full of sassy and hot sex ideas that will help unleash your inner self and allow you to get to know each other a little more again.


The January days, when the fallen Christmas trees have been standing by the trash cans for a long time, become every year, according to many statistics, a crisis period and a stress test for partner relationships, some of which regularly do not last until February and Valentine's Day comes with a "cross on the head". Are these just platitudes or are they facts? We would not engage in false alarms and waste time to write an article. That January is the most common month for breakups is simply a fact! We've found out what psychologists think about it, why it happens, but most importantly we come up with principles that will make sure your relationship doesn't make it into the January breakup statistics.